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Tales Rush!

This is a fairy tale written by you!
Your heroes, Sword-girl Alice and Ninja Alibaba, you'll command them on an adventure full of unknowns.
In this crisis-ridden world, in the face of well-intentioned gifts, crazy games, blood curses, accept or reject?
It's up to you!
How the tales ends, let's wait and see!

Dead Spreading:Survival

Where is the hope of life when the zombie virus strikes?
Step into the world of crisis and look for the lost Special Operations Team members!
Complete tasks, achieve achievements, step by step strengthen the strength of the team!
Take back lost land with paratroopers, dig buried treasures, and acquire powerful equipment!
The end of the world, the order collapsed, but you are not fighting alone, quickly enter the game to find your team!

Lovin House


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Mummy Returns

The start of the third world war, the end of the human century of prosperity and peace, the world into the hell on earth!
Evil mysterious organization in order to win the war, broke the ancient taboo, summoned the mummy!!
As a soldier, you need to take up arms to defend your home and protect your loved ones!




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